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In order to explain what is Tixl, we first have to understand a little better what are the problems that Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins have. If we don’t have the correct understanding of those, Tixl might just not make any sense.

This article is written for people who…

What do you know about CISCO and Intel?

If you have traded stock in NASDAQ, I’m sure you already heard about both companies and you do know that both are amongst the biggest names in the technology industry.

For people who are not familiar with technology or NASDAQ, it will be harder to understand what these companies are…


Are cryptocurrencies money?
What is a cryptocurrency?


The different kinds of money in History
* Let’s think about salt
* The stones in Yap Island
* Spices
* What about gold?


Paper currency — the new problems
All paper currency is…

I think everybody has been hearing a lot about ETH v.2.0 for quite some time now. People have lot of hope in it. It promises a lot doesn't it? Lets see:

  1. Fast transactions
  2. Cheap transactions
  3. Smart contracts

Anything more? Maybe, but let's analyze what is actually behind all these promises.

Cardano vs. Ethereum

We had very interesting news this week: El Salvador decided to approve the use of BTC as currency in the country. It is a small country but the implications related to this are huge. Right after this announcement, we hear that India is studying the possibility, and Texas (?). …

Diego Quast / Tixl Buster

Someone very interested in Crypto

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